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Sunday Share: Sexual Freedom Day

Thursday was Sexual Freedom Day sponsored by The Woodhull Freedom Foundation. I totally missed the ball on blogging in a timely fashion, though plenty of other bloggers posted some great commentaries (check out Sugarbutch, Sexuality Happens, Naked Confusion, and this list for some of what other people had to say). Then watch this video.

Then, join in on the Sunday Share. What does sexual freedom mean to you? Where do you feel you, or we, need more freedom?


I’ll go first. Sexual freedom, to me, means the ability to participate in sexual behaviors that I want to participate in, with the partners I wish to be involved with, in a consensual manner. It means the choice to do what you want in bed.

I think freedom is needed in sexual education. Abstinence only doesn’t work. We should know that by now. We need the freedom to teach young people what they need, and want, to know. Also, I think the queer community as a whole needs to be more free when it comes to talking about safer sex. And I think we need to be more free to talk about kink and BDSM.