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Hump Day Happiness #9

This week has seemed extra long. Now, as we are officially half way done, I can let out a sigh of relief.


Through PRIDE month might be officially over, this comic from a softer world rings true.


Someone on Genderfork shared this little gem:

“I can’t wait to button up your blazer over my breasts, slip on my slacks, spritz on some cologne, pin up my hair, and escort you to prom like a proper gentleman. You in your pink hat with the sparkles, both of us looking downright dapper as we each battle the binary, hand in hand. Can’t wait to dance with you.”

It’s sweet relief from all that lesbian-not-invited-to-prom-in-Mississippi business.


After having her gender publicly scrutinized for the last 11 months, championship runner Caster Semenya is now cleared to return to competition.

Though the media is not reporting on this case in the most sensitive manner (I.E. “It is still unclear if the runner has undergone any medical procedure or treating during the lengthy layoff that has allowed her to keep running as a woman”) , at least Semenya can return to competing in the sport she loves.


Finally, not only did Iceland legalize gay marriage, but their prime minister Johanna Sigurdardottir tied the knot with her longtime partner (as reported by the AP).


Hump Day Happiness #8

It’s been far too long, mostly due to the fact that I am so fucking happy with my own life that I have no time to blog. That said, without any further ado, I present you with a list of happy things.


In slightly older news, on June 3, 2010, Obama signed a memorandum that will extend benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees (as reported on Carnal Nation). These benefits will include access to medical treatments, relocation aid, credit unions and fitness centers. However The Defense of Marriage Act will still prevent same sex partners from receiving primary health insurance and pension benefits. At least it is a step in the right direction.


In gay marriage news, Iceland legalized gay marriage with an unanimous vote (via Reuters) and a lesbian couple became the first same-sex couple to wed in Portugal (via Geek Porn Girl).


Finally, the U.S. Department of State announced a new policy regarding gender change on passports. Citizens now need only present certification from a medical physician that they have undergone clinical treatment for gender transition in order to have their passport report a new gender. During the transition process, applicants can also to obtain a limited-validity passport. Sexual reassignment surgery is no longer required to be issues a passport.

In Case You Forgot that Prom is Gay

On March 19, Constance McMillen, the lesbian student from Mississippi who wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom, appeared on Ellen. (The video clip is available on the Ellen site, but I can’t figure out how to embed it.)

“I’m not going to go to prom and pretend I’m not gay,” said McMillen.

While Ellen and others have offered to throw her a prom, she McMillen simply wants to go to her school’s prom. This story proves how lucky I was to attend accepting and embracing schools. My freshman year, I went to prom with two female friends. My sophomore year, I went with a senior girl who asked me to be her date (we later dated). My final year, I went on a triple date with my girlfriend and a male friend who was home-schooled and didn’t have prom opportunities. Then, I went back the year after I graduated with a female crush from 10th grade.

While I hope that prom is held in Mississippi, McMillen seems to have plenty of opportunities coming her way. She was  given a $30,000 scholarship from to apply towards her college education and an internship opportunity in New York City.

Meanwhile, Jesse James of justlikejessejames designed some fucking amazing tee-shirts with the simple slogan, “Prom is so gay.” Order your tee-shirt here.

AARP Radio Goes Gay

I’ll admit it. I listen to NPR way too much.

While I was driving around running errands, I heard an interesting segment on AARP’s “Primetime Radio.”

They were interviewing Frederick Hertz, author of the recently published Making it Legal: A Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Domestic Partnership & Civil Unions. Not only did he discuss the state of gay marriage and civil unions in America, but he also addressed issues important to aging LGBTQ individuals. Everything was presented in a fair and non-judgmental way.

The gay rights movement, at least from my limited vantage point, often forgets that gay people span all ages. We forget that our grandmothers may be facing discrimination in the nursing home. While this particular segment is not yet available online (or at least I couldn’t find it), I hope it will be uploaded soon.

AARP, thank you for approaching topics that both the aging community and the gay community sometimes forget about.

My New Favorite Person

10-year-old Will Phillips at the GLADD media awards.

I’ve never heard a better line than this one: “Activism is change. It is the fuel, lubricant, and engine that drives the slowly moving turtle-mobile that is progress.”

Update on the Prom Madness

In yesterday’s post, I shared how a Mississippi school had canceled prom after a lesbian student asked to attend wearing a tuxedo with her female date.

Anyways, backed by the ACLU, she is now suing the school, asking for a court order that will force the school to hold prom (via AP). I’m thinking the school will give in. While plenty of people agree that homosexuality is wrong, this is just too much bad publicity, even for Mississippi.

One of the things I love about the interwebs is how quickly information can spread. The other thing I love is how quickly this information can lead to activism.

Blogger Jesse James of “just like jesse james” has posted the e-mail addresses of the principal, superintendent, and school board members. Let’s give them a piece of our minds, respectfuly and articulately.

Meanwhile, Autostraddle has started a gallery of prom pictures featuring readers who went girl/girl to prom. I’m thinking about submitting my own picture, or two, or three. (What can I say? I went to a few proms.)

Fans of Ellen (yes, the famous talk-show Ellen) are asking her to organize a prom for these Mississippi kids.

Finally, New Orleans hotel owner Sean Cummings has offered to transport the students in buses to the New Orleans and host a free prom at one of his properties (as discussed in prior linked AP article).

It makes me feel a little better to know that people are standing up against this close-mindedness.

Canceled Prom and Second Class Citizens

A school in northern Mississippi has canceled prom after a lesbian student requested permission to attend in a tuxedo with her girlfriend, also a student (as reported by the AP). Rather than directing responding to Constance McMillen’s request, backed by the ACLU, the school simply canceled prom.

Banning same-sex couples from prom is pretty hateful. But canceling prom altogether seems much more dramatic. I’m pretty sure a lot of upperclassman are hating McMillen right about now. Even if I was homophobic, I’d rather go to prom with a gay couple there than not have a prom at all. Itawamba County school board, way to go!

In case anyone forget, here’s a political cartoon to remind us of where gay people stand in America: