Hump Day Happiness #5

There is a lot of happy this week. Smile.


As reported on Carnal Nation, China lifted a decades-old ban that had prevented HIV+ people from entering the country for travel or immigration. (Side note: Did you know that the United States did not lift our similar ban until October 30, 2009?)


Also as reported on Carnal Nation (can you tell I love this site?), the Brazilian National Health Minister suggested that Brazilians have more sex to counteract hypertension. Like most developed countries, high blood pressure rates continue to increase. Health Minster Gomes Temporao told the public:

‘Dance, have sex, keep a stable weight, do physical exercise, and above all measure your blood pressure. It’s not a joke, I’m serious. Getting physical exercise regularly also means having sex, obviously protected sex.”


Speaking of Sex, Babeland is selling a solar powered vibrator. After eight hours of sun exposure, the bullet vibe can keep you buzzing for an hour. Not a bad idea for the environmentally conscious toy-lover. I’d love to set this outside my tent on a camping trip. Apparently the “charged” light also doubles as a flashlight. Practical and fun.


Sociological Images is a great blog that explores the sociological meaning of images. A post this week explored the differences between practical and moral approaches to “problematic” behaviors. Instead of policing behaviors as morally wrong, some countries or cultures choose to find practical solutions. This sign from Aberdeen Pub in Edinburgh, Scotland cracked me up.


Blogger Grace Chu of Grace The Spot shared this amazing video spoof. Forget J-Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” this is “Jew Lo from the Block,” the tale of a Jewish girl from Long Island who moves to San Francisco and comes out. Not politically correct by any means, but totally worth it.


This letter to feminists has been floating around. I found it featured on Mr. Sexsmith’s tumblr site, but I’m not sure where it originated. Wherever it came from, it’s a nice reminder that feminist are doing it right.

You get so tired. You get so sick of the homophobia, the sexism, the culture of rape jokes and wife beating cartoons. But today you can take 30 seconds and smile. Somewhere right now there is a daddy dancing along while his femmy boy sings Lady Gaga. Somewhere right now there is a little girl suiting up to go play football with her peewee team. Somewhere there is a woman taking off the clothes she hates and pulling on a pair of pants. And there are boys holding hands in front of Dairy Queen and there are girls on their first date at the mall. There is a mom driving her son to the court so he can change his name from Brittney to Brandon. There is a family supporting their daughter after she reveals sexual abuse. There is a foster parent hesitantly walking into his first PFLAG meeting. And there exists more freedom, more equality, more safety than has ever existed before in the history of humanity. Of course it’s not enough. But it is amazing just the same. And you have done this. This did not happen despite our tears and our sweat, our humiliation and betrayal. This happened because of it.

Keep fighting.

Keep being that “annoying” dude pointing out every sexist remark.

Keep arguing with your freinds about not saying “fag.”

Keep voting.

Keep protesting.

And don’t you EVER let the other side get you down. They know that wearing you out is all they have left. What they do not know is that because of you, their children are safer. Because of you, our schools talk about bullying. Because of you, sexual harassment is illegal at their place of business.

Brothers and sisters, I am leaving my work as an advocate. I am moving to a new town and a new career. Feminally is not going anywhere- but in my last few days as a professional feminist I wanted to let you all know something very important:

you’re doing it right.


Speaking of feminism, Caseface123 on Flickr has a gallery in which she asked people to hold up signs explaining what feminism means to me. Not everyone has great positive thoughts about feminism, but it’s a fun gallery to look through.

Finally, this comic, from aagblog, seems to sum up everything.

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