An Ode to Queer Spaces

I love your dark corners and your flashing lights.

I love how attract all types, all genders, all colors, all ages.

I love the men wearing skirts. I love the women in suits and ties. I love the gender bending, gender fucking, gender queering.

I love drag. I love how you perform gender. I love how camp you are, how over the top, how absurd.

I love your Lady Gaga, your Christina, your Madonna, and your throwbacks to the 80s. I do. Don’t tell.

I love girls kissing. I love boys holding hands. I love boys kissing girls who kiss girls and girls kissing boys who kiss boys. I love how you welcome those that are neither boys nor girls.

I like bodies in movement. Dancing to the beat. Gently touching. Leaning closer.

Your drama is sometimes overwhelming, but I love your community. I love how everyone knows everyone. Or, if someone doesn’t know someone, they know someone who does.

I love how refuse to be silenced. I love how loud you are, how opinionated. I love how you talk; “Go get it, Sista!” “Looking good, bro.”

I love how you beckon, saying “Come in. You’ll like it here.”

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