Hump Day Happiness #1

Now that I found an amazing feed aggregator, I can actually follow all my blogs. I’ve been collecting little stories and photos that made me smile. I finally figured out what to do with them: I now present you with the first edition of Hump Day Happiness.

On my mom’s most recent birthday, someone gave her the book Porn for Women. It features chiseled men doing housework. Every woman’s fantasy, right?

From the Porn for Women calendar

Comic xkcd has a different view of porn which totally made me smile.


This story on the blog “can I help you, sir?” brought a huge grin to my face. Just read it. It will remind you that there are aware people in this world.


The beautiful and talented Brandi Carlile was interviewed by, saying:

“I was playing this show in San Antonio, Texas, the other night, in this amazing redneck bar with peanut shells on the floor and I was singing “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” by Bob Dylan and somebody in the audience held up a Legalize Gay T-shirt and it made me smile. Like I said, it’s a great time to be alive. There are a lot of great, peaceful battles happening right now and the kindest work can be done from the middle of the road.”

I’m a total sucker for hope and happiness.

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