Who are you?

For those who like clicking boxes and thinking about their identities, I would like to share genderform with you.

I am
academic, acrobatic, active, activist, admirer, artsy, ask me, BDSM, beautiful, bent, blogger, bondage, brunette, caring, coach, confidant, creative, curious, daughter, dreamer, dyke, eclectic, fabulous, female, female-bodied, female-born, feminist, femme-ish, flirt, fluid, friend, friendly, gendered, individual, intelligent, interested, invisible, kinky, LGBTQ, leftist, lesbian, loving, ma’am, Ms., masochist, myself, open-minded, opinionated, out-ish, passing, passionate, pro-choice, queer, queer-friendly, sassy, sensitive, sex positive, sexy, sister, submissive, switch, trans-friendly, undecided, undeclared, vegetarian, versatile, woman, XX, YES!
Who are you?
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