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A Good Example of a Bad Idea

The Yuma Sun, an Arizona newspaper, reports that Arizonan Senators have approved a bill that will require the consent of all least one parent for minors to obtain birth control prescriptions or treatment for STDs/STIs (as well as any prescription). Additionally, the bill imposes similar restrictions on mental health screening or treatment and articulates that parental consent is required for student to attend sex education courses.

The Yuma Sun article references SB 1305, but indeed, it is SB 1309, passed on March 22, 16-13.

Let’s consider the good that this bill will do.

First of all, some young people will not be able to attend sexual education classes due to their parents’ beliefs. That will result in a less sexually educated teen population.

Then, those young people who are trying to take responsibility for their own health, will be unable to do so.

As is often the case, exceptions can be made for “emergency situations.” However, why must teens wait until a crisis to receive medical care?

Let’s just say I am seventeen and sexually active. I want to go on birth control so I don’t get pregnant. However, my parents must be contacted for permission. They don’t believe I should be sexually active. They beat the shit out of me. Alternatively, I don’t tell my parents, I don’t get the prescription, and I get pregnant.

Or, let’s just say I was raped by my father and exposed to an STI. It’s a horrible scenario, but it happens. I need treatment as a result, both medical and psychological. A parent must consent. My mom is dead. Dad’s not going to consent to something that is his own fault, risking getting himself in legal trouble. I’m screwed, unless it’s ruled an “emergency situation” defined “for the treatment of a serious disease of injury or drug abuse, or to save the life of the patient.”

Yes, these are horrible examples. Yes, we should encourage young people to wait until they are mature and responsible to have sex. Yes, it would be fantastic if all children can have an open and loving relationship with their parents.

However, things happen. Teenagers have sex. Not all parents are good. Can’t we at least let teenagers take some responsibility for their own health when they decide it is necessary? Isn’t that an adult behavior we should encourage?

Men and Girls

While trying to find my gymnasts’ scores, I came across this goody on the website of a Florida gym.

Since this gym is hosting the state championships, it makes sense for them to also host the meet results. However, if you will note, the first headline says “Men’s State” and the second says “Girl’s State.” Inconsistent, huh?

To confirm the official names, I went to the USA Gymnastics website. State championships are held for the “Men’s Junior Olympic Program” and the “Women’s Junior Olympic Program.” Technically, both programs are for gymnasts eighteen years of age and under, so “boys” and “girls” could have been used. However, per the governing body, the correct terminology is “men” and “women.” The website writer probably made an unknowing mistake, but these mistakes are what reinforce that gymnastics is a “girls” sport.

End feminist ranting.

On a related note, I will share this quote from a class I taught a while back. Always nice to finish with a laugh.

Me (to Beginner 1 class): Okay, girlies, follow me to beam.
6 year old student: Don’t call us girlies. Women get called girls their whole lives and that isn’t right! (pumps fist in air) You shouldn’t do that.
Me: I’m sorry. How about I call you beautiful young ladies? Is that better?
6 year old student: Yes, I think so.
Other kid: Well, it doesn’t matter. Our coach will be dead by the time we are grown up anyways.
Me: I sure hope I won’t be dead. How old do you think I am anyways?
Yet another kid: 32?

Hump Day Happiness #1

Now that I found an amazing feed aggregator, I can actually follow all my blogs. I’ve been collecting little stories and photos that made me smile. I finally figured out what to do with them: I now present you with the first edition of Hump Day Happiness.

On my mom’s most recent birthday, someone gave her the book Porn for Women. It features chiseled men doing housework. Every woman’s fantasy, right?

From the Porn for Women calendar

Comic xkcd has a different view of porn which totally made me smile.


This story on the blog “can I help you, sir?” brought a huge grin to my face. Just read it. It will remind you that there are aware people in this world.


The beautiful and talented Brandi Carlile was interviewed by, saying:

“I was playing this show in San Antonio, Texas, the other night, in this amazing redneck bar with peanut shells on the floor and I was singing “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” by Bob Dylan and somebody in the audience held up a Legalize Gay T-shirt and it made me smile. Like I said, it’s a great time to be alive. There are a lot of great, peaceful battles happening right now and the kindest work can be done from the middle of the road.”

I’m a total sucker for hope and happiness.

In Case You Forgot that Prom is Gay

On March 19, Constance McMillen, the lesbian student from Mississippi who wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom, appeared on Ellen. (The video clip is available on the Ellen site, but I can’t figure out how to embed it.)

“I’m not going to go to prom and pretend I’m not gay,” said McMillen.

While Ellen and others have offered to throw her a prom, she McMillen simply wants to go to her school’s prom. This story proves how lucky I was to attend accepting and embracing schools. My freshman year, I went to prom with two female friends. My sophomore year, I went with a senior girl who asked me to be her date (we later dated). My final year, I went on a triple date with my girlfriend and a male friend who was home-schooled and didn’t have prom opportunities. Then, I went back the year after I graduated with a female crush from 10th grade.

While I hope that prom is held in Mississippi, McMillen seems to have plenty of opportunities coming her way. She was  given a $30,000 scholarship from to apply towards her college education and an internship opportunity in New York City.

Meanwhile, Jesse James of justlikejessejames designed some fucking amazing tee-shirts with the simple slogan, “Prom is so gay.” Order your tee-shirt here.

Spring Wishlist (with the rest of the pictures forthcoming)

This is more for me than for you, but it’ll give you a glimpse into my world.

1) Boots, boots, and more boots! Specifically: dressier ankle boots, motorcycle type boots, and slouchy grey boots.

Farylrobin: Women's Franca Ankle Boots. I want the Claret color, size 10.

Nine West: 'Abject' Flat Ankle Boots. Dark Brown, size 10.

Rocket Dog: 'Tripout' Knee-high Boots. Brown, size 10.

Report: 'Leonie' Side Ruffle Slouchy Boots. Grey, 10.

2) A black velvet blazer. I’ve been looking for years for the perfect one, and I still haven’t found it.

On Etsy: Vintage Black Velvet Jacket, Bottomfeeder

3) Corduroy blazer. I like to mix the preppy, pulled-together look with my general madness. Picture it with a tee underneath, skinny jeans, and boots (surprise!). It could work.

Victoria's Secret: Washed Corduroy Blazer. Blackberry, size 6 or 8.

4) A plaid coat. This is one of those things that are in style right now, but I really like it. Who cares that it will be passe next season. I think I could pull it off.

Levi's: Women's Blue Plaid Wool Peacoat. Small.

5) Black, long-sleeve, button-up shirt. I had the perfect one. Unfortunately, it belonged to my ex-girlfriend. I think this is a basic piece of any wardrobe and I need a replacement pronto.

Express: Easy Care Essential Shirt. In black, medium.

6) Another bad-ass leather jacket. I have one, but it’s this shiny black/gold. I think I need a more matte black. Or brown. Or all of the above.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors: Women's Black Leather 4-pocket Motocross Jacket

7) Black cardigan. A wardrobe basic that I am totally missing.

Express: Lurex Trimed Cardigan. In black, medium.

8 ) A simple men’s wallet, so that I can put it in my pocket.

9) Black casual shoes, like converses, or simple, lightweight sneakers.

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics: Mexico 66. Black/White enamel, size 10.

10) Jesus sandals. I hate my toes, and I hate thong sandals. I had these tan sandals that looked like something Jesus would have worn, and they were the most comfortable and versatile everything. So I looked like a total dyke, whatever. I think my ex threw them away because she hated them so much.

11) Silver flats.

Aldo: Melloy, med. silver, size 11

12) Bike helmet, tire pump, and bike computer.

13) Nike pants for work. You know the ones. That lightweight nylon type, with the two stripes down the side. Mine are coming unseen at the crotch seam. Not okay.

14) One of those totally, 1940s-inspired, one piece swimsuits.

Jantzan Swimwear: Vamp One Piece. Size 6, Tropical Green or Black

15) The perfect black pumps.

Indigo by Clarks: Musing, black leather, 9.5 or 10

Lauren by Ralph Lauren: Sachi, black tumbled grain, size 10

Sunday Search Terms

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