A Short Olympic Observation

While watching the Women’s Alpine Ski competition on NBC this evening, I noticed the announcers (names anyone?), referring to the athletes as girls.

Curious, I pulled out a piece of paper.

From 9:18 EST until the end of the women’s ski competition, the athletes were called “girl/girls” five times and “woman/women” three times.

That broadcast was then followed by men’s speed-skating and snowboard half-pipe. Never once were those athletes called “boys.”

I realize this is an observation based on limited data. I’m curious what you have observed in the Olympic coverage available in your area, especially if you are out of the United States.

    • Shadow Lady
    • February 18th, 2010

    I have seen it here in the Netherlands as well. But it is prevalent here anyway. I hate it. It is so demeaning.
    Yesterday with the skiing our commentator made it sound as if the woman circuit is a pj party with lots of girly girlfriends, instead of te cutthroat competition it is.
    Why is it if two women athlete talk on a regular basis they are immidately considered best friends and men just competitors?

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